It is our mission to become the leading donor family charity in the transplant community by providing awareness of organ donation and through the highest quality support for every donor family.


It is our vision to promote the positive benefits of organ and tissue donation for the families of those who have died and donated, for recipients and for those awaiting transplants.


  • To encourage more families to talk about organ donation and to be able to say yes to organ donation if the situation should arise
  • To encourage people to join the Organ Donor Register
  • To provide high quality support to donor families
  • To influence healthcare professionals views on organ donation from the donor family perspective
  • To ensure our charity has the integrity and independence to fulfil its mission
  • The Donor Family Network is run by donor families for donor families. The charity is entirely funded by donations.


The work of the Donor Family Network is symbolised by its logo which consists of a butterfly and a forget-me-not. The butterfly represents hope and new life and the forget-me-not means no donor will ever be forgotten.


The Donor Family Network believes that all families have the right to be asked about organ donation at the time of the death of a loved one. All families also have rights relating to respect, information, informed choices and involvement in care as set out in the Donor Family Charter.
All families deserve to be treated with compassion, patience, trust, tolerance, understanding and respect. This will be regardless of age, gender, faith, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, appearance or ability.


The Donor Family Network is an organisation that believes in life and in a ‘good death’. Organ donation is a positive force for good and death can become a positive experience for families providing hope for the future and a belief in life by providing information and support at the time of death and beyond.


The Donor Family Network believes that by sharing our stories of life, death and donation we can learn, change and evolve. Every story – old or new – is unique and is important to be heard. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their story. By sharing our stories we can provide hope and inspiration to others providing them with the courage to say yes to organ donation. To share our stories requires an environment of encouragement and support that the Network will provide.


By working in liaison with donor families, other organisations, professionals, recipients and those on the list for transplant the most effective changes can be brought about. Promotion of organ and tissue donation and effecting change will come through increasing awareness through discussion, engagement, debate and by being an approachable and trusted voice in the transplant community. The Network strives to be knowledgeable, focused and professional at all times and with all whom they come into contact with.