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Cole Moreton - click to read bio
Cole Moreton is a writer and broadcaster, exploring who we are and what we believe in. He was reluctant to even think about organ donation until a chance encounter with Sue Burton led him to write and present 'The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away', a Radio 4 series telling the story of Martin Burton and Marc McCay. The series won multiple honours including Best Writing at the World’s Best Radio Awards in New York, thanks to the moving way in which donor and recipient families talked about their experiences.

Cole’s attitude to donation was transformed as he became personally involved in the story, leading to a book for Harper Collins and a one-man show, which is available for booking. Cole Moreton has covered some of the biggest news stories of our time, from 9/11 to the Olympics and the death of Nelson Mandela, and he now writes arts and culture interviews for Event, the magazine of the Mail on Sunday. He lives on the South Coast with his family and spends as much time as possible staring out to sea.
Justin Grace - click to read bio
Justin began cycling at age 11, won 13 National track championships and was successful on the world stage in the elite ranks, competing at 2 Commonwealth Games. In August 2014, he became the GB Cycling Head Sprint Coach. His success is reflected in Team GB bringing home a record breaking 7 medals from the Rio Olympics.

In November 2016 Justin had a lifesaving liver transplant at St James Hospital Leeds, after suffering from primary sclerosing cholangitis, since he was 17. Married with 2 children, he is now involved with many NHS events and regularly does charity talks, fundraising and awareness campaigns focused on all aspects of organ donation, so we are pleased to have Justin as one of our new Patrons.


David Nix

Lifetime President of the DFN

Jane and David Nix live in Birmingham. Jane is a retired nurse; having worked many years in learning disabilities undertaking projects to improve the way services are delivered. David is a retired police officer and now runs his own business moving trucks around the country. Jane and David founded the Donor Family Network in 1997 following the death of their daughter Rebecca who died in a road traffic collision in Connecticut USA at the age of 21 and became a multi-tissue donor. Rebecca had carried a donor card from the age of 7. She was training in hotel management when she decided to take a year out and work in USA. Due to the care and advice they received in USA Jane and David decided to find out more about support for families. After becoming a registered charity in 2003 the Donor Family Network has become the major charity supporting donor families. Jane and David also have a son Stuart who is very proud of his sister. He works as an electrician and fencing manufacturer.

Susan & Nigel Burton

Treasurer (Susan) Chairman (Nigel)

Sue and Nigel live in Grantham in Lincolnshire. Nigel is now the current Chairman and Sue the Treasurer for the Donor Family Network.  Sue and Nigel have a son Christopher, who is married and has two children. Nigel is retired and Sue is a Costs Lawyer in Grantham.  Their youngest son Martin died following a major brain haemorrhage in August 2003 when he was 16. He became a multiple organ donor.  They first came in contact with the Donor Family Network at the National Gathering in 2005 and became Trustees in 2006. They believe that the Trustees make a difference to the lives of those who’s loved ones gave the Gift of Life, by offering support and compassion.

Eunice Booker


Eunice is married to Derek who is also a strong supporter of the Donor Family Network. Sadly they lost their eldest daughter Kirstie in December 2006, and in 2015 Eunice joined the Network as Secretary. Eunice works local to their home in Kent for a family run business as the company accounts manager. Eunice and Derek have another daughter Natalie who is married with two sons. As a family they are immensely proud of what Kirstie has done, both for the recipients and their family and friends.


Jim & Andrea Fallow

(Vice Chairman) Jim (Trustee) Andrea

Jim, Linda, and daughter Andrea became a donor family in 2001 when Iain died aged 18 due to complications following brain surgery.  He became a multiple organ donor and also donated skin and bone for grafting.  For a couple of years after that, they were part of a local support group in the Northwest organised by the transplant co-ordinators and assisted in organising a memorial service at Manchester Cathedral. They attended the opening ceremony of the transplant games in Bolton and also went to the track and field events where they were amazed and inspired by all the competitors. As with so many other Donor Families, they attended that exceptional day at the National Arboretum when the Gift of Life memorial was unveiled.  During conversations with the other Trustees that day, particularly David Nix, Jim and Andrea were invited to become Trustees which they accepted. Andrea is a nurse on the neo natal surgical ward at Alderhey children’s hospital in Liverpool and, as this was one of the hosts for the 2016 games, she was invited (with others) to light the flame of the games which she readily accepted. Jim spent most of his working life in area management in the pub and restaurant industry, mainly in the Northwest and North Wales.

Julie & Alex Forbes


Julie and Alex have both retired and have been Trustees of the Donor Family Network since 2012. They have been a donor family since 2007 following the donation of organs, bone and tissue by their son Robert, who passed away aged 20 years from a road collision. Whilst Robert did not carry a donor card his wishes were well known .Julie and Alex have three daughters, Vicky, Jennifer and Marie, five grandsons and two granddaughters. Julie worked  with children, starting in a playgroup, then supporting children in the local high school for a combined total of 32 years. Alex worked on front line accident and emergency ambulance for 23 years, He then moved into high schools as a mentor for the remaining 14 years of working life, also serving as a school governor for 42 years. Both enjoy travelling the country with their touring caravan.

Emma Thirwall


I have worked in organ donation and transplantation for the last 20 years and prior to this, worked in paediatric intensive care. I am currently Team Manager for the North West Organ Donation Service. I first became aware of the fantastic work of the Donor family Network back in 1999, when I was looking for a support network in the Midlands area for one of my donor families. It has been great to see how the Donor Family Network has evolved over time and to witness first-hand how donor families have been supported and encouraged to share their individual experiences with each other and with a wider audience. In my spare time I like to keep fit and healthy and also work as a nurse volunteer, supporting children who have had transplants, when they take part in organised activity camps. I have a daughter Miriam and two cats, Kevin and Winnie.

Jane Stubbs


Jane lives in Nottingham and became a member of the DFN in 2016 following the death of her father Keith Buckley in December 2015.  Keith suffered a catastrophic brain injury after falling off a ladder.  Keith was a retired Fire Officer and had helped people throughout his life.  He carried a Donor Card and therefore it seemed only natural that he should want to continue to help others after his death.  His organ donation gave the gift of life to two recipients.  Jane is a retired Police Officer and has similarly helped, supported and cared for others throughout her life.  She feels that it is important that something positive should come out of the untimely death of her father and through her work with the Donor Family Network she hopes to continue the good work that she and her father had done before and to raise the profile and importance of organ donation.  Jane has attended many events and given television and radio interviews on behalf of the DFN and Organ Donation.

Audrey Wheeler


Audrey lives in Birmingham and sadly became a member of the DFN following the death of her husband Ian in January 2003. Ian passed away during surgery for a Brain Aneurysm leaving Audrey as a single parent to their daughter Sophie who was only 1 at the time. Ian became a multiple organ donor and gave the gift of life to a least 4 people. Audrey's mum found details of the DFN and Audrey and her parents attended the Annual Memorial Service at St Margaret's Church in Great Barr, which was a poignant moment in time as Audrey and Ian were married there. Audrey continued to work as an office administrator and also became a florist, specialising in floral tributes. Audrey found comfort in helping bereaved families and Sophie has now become involved in the DFN by taking part in interviews at the opening of the National Gift of Life Memorial in 2006. Both Audrey and Sophie take great pride in knowing Ian saved lives of others and Audrey has now joined us as a Trustee to help with awareness and support for families.

Karen Piotr


I’m Karen a donor wife of Mark, who passed away suddenly May 2017 from a spontaneous brain bleed . I’m a keen walker especially in Lakes or Yorkshire Dales and especially with my black Labrador Isla. Mark and I had done 100 of 214 Wainwright walks and I’ve vowed to continue and finish these off in his memory. I still watch Neighbours and have done since it started in 1985. I love awards season and every year I stay up all night to watch the full Oscars ceremony. I had no hesitation in honouring Marks wishes to be an Organ Donor and he successfully went on to save the lives of nine people - something that still amazes me today. I’ve been lucky to not only have had 2 letters from recipients of Marks organs, but to actually meet one of them too - Pete who has his liver, a day that I will never forget. I’m proud every day of what Mark did for all those people, so that they can have a second chance of life. He is as a selfless man in life and now in death