The Donor Family Network offers a wide range of support to donor families, regardless of when donation happened or in what circumstances. Support is provided by people who have been where you are today.

Telephone support - there is always someone on the end of the phone, although often the hardest part can be making the first call. We try to match each family with a family who has been through similar experiences who will offer a friendly ear when you need to talk.

Personal visit - if families would prefer a personal visit from another donor family this can be arranged either with the trustees or another donor family.

Anniversary cards - we send cards to the donor family on the anniversary of donation, many of our families find this very comforting that donation has been remembered.

Newsletter - our newsletter helps keep in touch with other donor families, issues surrounding organ donation, events and news.


If you are supporting a donor family or conducting a funeral service for a donor please click here to go to our page specifically for use by the chaplains and clergy.

If you are interested in any of our services please contact us. Details to be found on our Contact Us page.