Patches of love – Quilt 1

Patches of love – Quilt 1

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Paul Edward WoodcockAmanda Jayne MarshAndrew James MarshMALCOLM JACK WARDAmanda Jayne AbrahamLyn KeaneRebecca Jane Nix - BeckyGraham John PittMark FowlerBrian DrewettJames Richard MayesEdward John WrightNo donor will be forgottenDavid GordonAndrew KellowHelen Marie GriffithsAlan BlancheIan Joseph MatthewsAndrew Peter WardlePhillipa Anne Harradine1st Panel to be continuedJENNY HANDLEYKevin OwenWilliam BorcherdsSarah Ann Lewis

Paul Edward Woodcock


Our son Paul E. Woodcock, died 23rd November 1993 aged 18 yrs. His car skidded on an icy road and hit a lamp post, the road had not been gritted. He was a full time student at City Technology College, Solihull and had a part time job at Safeway Stores at Castle Bromwich.

He saved to buy his little Metro and was saving to buy a better car, he liked driving.

In his death he helped 6 people with his organs, we are as proud of him as we were when he was alive.

For his square we chose the computer he  was always using , his bike, a poppy for  remembrance, a teddy bear bought for his Mother, a scroll for his college work, a chess piece for the game he played with his father and ‘Simply the Best’, the song played at his memorial service.

Amanda Jayne Marsh


16.05.87 - 01.02.96

Our daughter Amanda died after falling from a hay rick into a straw baler, of which one of the prongs went straight into her brain.

We chose pink as it was one of her favourite colours.

She loved pretty, lacy clothes and all animals, hence the lace in the four corners and the little elephant.

It will be nice to know her square will be added to a quilt to show everyone the value of organ donation.

Andrew James Marsh


Andrew was the youngest and most adventurous of our four children. He took up power lifting at school and was a champion lifter for England against Belgium, France and Switzerland.

While working for BT as an Electrician, Andrew bought a 125cc motor bike. At the same time he brought home two donor cards one for himself and one for mom.

Andrew died following a car accident while travelling as a back seat passenger after a day spent flying with friends.

Andrew loved tropical fish and his star sign was Taurus the bull. The red rose was the flower he always gave as a gift to people.

We are very proud and privileged to have a son who gave the Gift of Life.




Malcolm was a very keen model railway enthusiast.  He built many layouts and was a member of the Wales and Southwest Association of Model Railways.  Malcolm’s skills and friendliness will be much missed but he will be remembered for many years.

Amanda Jayne Abraham



Amanda died from a subarachnoid haemorrhage on 15th July 1994.

She was our very own Princess, ray of sunshine and twin sister to Mark and big sister to Tim.

Her nature was very loving and generous, hence her wish to donate her organs on death.

The donor patch is a pocket from a trouser suit that she wore on one occasion, when she and Mark went out to celebrate their birthday. The heart depicts her warmth and joy for life.

Lyn Keane

19.09.44 - 12.04.99

My mam was the first blackbelt in judo in the North-east of England at 19yrs of age. She set up her own judo classes and in 1994 was presented with a commemorative silver plate for teaching judo for 21yrs.

My mam also loved animals, owls being her favourite. In her memory I have sponsored a barn owl through the World Owl Trust. Her love of Cliff Richard went back to her teens and she wouldn’t hear a word against him. She also liked jazz.

She was never one to say no to a cup of tea and enjoyed a glass or two of red wine.

My mam loved children and was thrilled when she started work on the Middlesbrough playbus for disadvantaged pre-school children. Mam was an avid sunbather and would be in her bikini the first glimpse of the sun!

Most of all I remember my mam as being the best mother and friend I could have wished for. She had such a zest for life and lived it to the full. I’ll miss her always and forget her never.  Diane.

Rebecca Jane Nix - Becky



The material is from Becky’s favourite denim shorts which she practically wore out.

The rabbit was Becky’s favourite animal, she collected over 200 china, glass and stuffed rabbits.

The house is Becky’s refuge. No matter what happened to her she loved to be home.

The butterfly is a symbol of Hope and New Life

The hearts depict the two countries she loved, England, her home and America where she spent her last eight months and where she died and donated.

Graham John Pitt



Graham was born on Oct 23rd 1963, a much wanted baby for his sister Denise, who was 10 and his parents, Norma and John.

He grew up into quite an intelligent boy, he played cricket for his school and town and was head boy in his last two years at school.

He went on to Polytechnic, doing Biology and Chemistry. He was in his last year of his Honours Degree when he died as a result of a rock climbing accident in Langdales in the Lake District.

Graham died in Lancaster Hospital May 31st 1985.

‘Hearts say so much when words say so little’.

Mark Fowler


18.06.70 - 21.10.93

I was born 18th June 1970 as the first child to Brenda & Tony. Dad was an engineer with a local company, and mum was a secretary to an estate agent. I was educated at Yatton Junior School and Backwell Comprehensive in North Somerset. I left school and went into the building trade as a bricklayer. Hobbies - fishing, football, darts and having a good time. I have a sister, Claire, born when I was 9, a Labrador dog called Gemma, and love all animals. I carried a donor card from 12 years of age and became a donor in October 1993, aged 23. Six people have a better quality of life, thanks to me.

Brian Drewett



I knew Brian for eight years and we had been going out together for two years. He asked me to marry him on May 19th. On June 15th he had a massive cerebral haemorrhage and died the next day.

My patchwork square represents the love we shared, the faith and love we both had for Jesus and how that faith has helped me to cope with the grief and loss that I feel.

Also represented are his three children and five grandchildren.

His work as a salesman is represented by the car and cases, and the scarf shows his lifelong passion for sport, especially football.

James Richard Mayes



Our Gentle Giant

6ft 3ins of gentle strength.

So non-judgmental.

There for so many.

Your wonderful smile and laughable wit.

We miss you so much, you’re never far away.

You live on in our hearts and in three other lives.

Son, we are so proud of you.

Rest easy.

Edward John Wright



Eddie had been a life-long fan of Derby County football team, attending matches at the Baseball ground from an early age.

Throughout the ups and downs in the league, Eddie stayed a true and loyal supporter.

This sums up Eddie’s life.  Through all the ups and downs he was always there with his love and support to me and our daughter, Fiona.

To send this Patch in memory of Eddie means a great deal to us, we are so proud of him, he carried on his love and support to others by giving life after death.

No donor will be forgotten

David Gordon

10.11.44 - 22.09.92

My husband of almost 20 years died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage in September 1992.

We had never discussed organ donation seriously, because he was a fit, active person and nothing was going to happen to him. I agreed to him donating and was told that seven successful transplants had taken place.

Six months later I received a beautiful letter from a kidney recipient. After 2 years we met and have become great friends, which has been rewarding for both families.

As I make quilts, I was pleased to contribute to ‘Patches of Love’, the sadness will never go completely, but the waste of life does not seem so hard to accept.

Andrew Kellow

1976 - 1998

Andrew’s square on the Quilt has a photograph of Andrew and also tells everyone he was 22 years old when he died.

We have put symbols around his photograph, and included the emblem of the Master Locksmiths Association, as Andrew’s work was very important to him, he was the youngest Master Locksmith in the country.

We have put the forget-me-not flower for remembrance and three butterflies for the donation.

Lastly we have shown sunshine because Andrew was our “Son-shine”

We have made this square to inform others that some good can come out of tragedy if you have courage.

Helen Marie Griffiths



Helen Marie Welly What’s On Telly Stew And Bananas Hammy-Hamster Griffiths!!

This is the unique name of a unique person.  Hammy Hamster was her pet name but as she grew so did her name.

No ordinary pet name but Helen was no ordinary person, as her American host family said “special, loving, giving, spunky and had a beautiful smile”

The heart symbolises Helen’s loving, sensitive and understanding nature with a liberal dash of mischief.

Helen had many close friends and was always there for them as a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and fun.

She was a ‘Forever Friend’

Alan Blanche



Alan, our son, died shortly after his 16th birthday. He was very special and loved beyond measure!

He was a happy, intelligent and contented young man who loved and enjoyed life.

In the words of his Tutor, ‘Alan’s 16 years were crammed full of living’.

We designed a heart in kisses to represent our love for him, his love for us and the love which now reaches us through the recipients of Alan’s organs. We hope they will love life as much as he did.

We miss him greatly and know he will be remembered forever through our ‘Patch of Love’.

His epitaph rings true, ‘In life he gave love, in his death he gave life’.

Ian Joseph Matthews



At first we struggled, it took a while, but now the tears have dried.
This piece of cloth, this quilted patch, has helped to symbolise.

To guide us through the coming years, and helped to ease the pain.
To know his memory survives, with those that were to gain.

A lasting tribute to our son, who’s strength and love of life, lives on.
He gave out hope unstintingly, a precious gift so rare,

And demonstrated with his deed, to prove he really cared.
And though his passing gives us grief, may he be blessed with lasting peace.

Andrew Peter Wardle



Andy was the second youngest of eight children, growing up in an industrial area of Lancashire.

Andy always enjoyed outdoor pursuits, competing with his four brothers and his many friends. He hated working indoors and found his vocation in gardening. He loved the moors above Bolton, where he frequently walked with his dog, Spuds, where he found peace and tranquillity.  Andy often said, “I am a Free Spirit”,

The patch attempts to reflect how we remember Andy, his spirit lives on in the people who gained his organs and in the sky above the moors.

Phillipa Anne Harradine



This square shows Philippa’s favourite colours in 1994 as a 15 year old (just before she was knocked over and killed outright).

Somehow the colours just seem to have the impact which she had on people - she was impossible to forget and quite striking to look at.

The black background feels like the depth and mystery attached to life and death, and the bright colour imprinted on this perhaps reflects the light a life brings which we can share for a little time.  Philippa also loved the sound her initials made.

1st Panel to be continued



18.09.49 - 10.01.04

Our sister, Jen, was our middle sister, one of the two whom Jo loved and protected and one of the two who loved and protected Sue, precious to us both. The photo shows her with Brough. She loved dogs and horses and they loved her throughout her life. One of her many skills was to design and make Christmas sacks and stockings for children of family and friends, so the fabric is part of that. Although she was our ‘Jenny Wren’, many of her friends called her ‘Jenny Bear’ – hence the Teddy bear. She loved jewellery – not expensive, just stylish. Our most precious Jen, she gave so much in life, it feels right that she also gave in death.

Kevin Owen

KEVIN OWEN - 30yrs

 16.11.66 – 07.01.97 

Autumn Rain

Do not stand at my grave and weep;

I am not here. I do not sleep.

I am 1000 winds that blow.

I am diamonds that shine in the sun.

I am gentle Autumn rain.

When you wake in the mornings,

hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in ordered flight.

I am soft stars that shine at night.

DO NOT stand at my grave and cry;

I am not there, I did not die.

With lots of love and memories always, mum, Ann Marie,

Maggy, Christine, Liam, Bethany, Keira and  Mabli.

William Borcherds


14.06.64 - 02.03.99

The centre of the square shows the Borcherds coat-of-arms, comprising of an eagle holding an olive branch, three fleur-de-lys and the bole of a tree with living branch.  William upheld the family tradition of integrity and also great spirit in adversity.  The top panel shows furze (gorse) and a mount to depict Furze Mount, his much loved residential home.  The bottom panel shows a red car, music, fish in the sea and sheep on the hills to illustrate his favourite pastimes in North Wales.  The side panels show sunflowers for happy days and forget-me-nots for all the friends he had and never forgot

Sarah Ann Lewis


01.01.81 - 12.09.02

Sarah Ann Lewis was 21 years old when she died. Sarah was an artist, about to start a post graduate course at the Royal Academy of Art in London. She is dressed as Marilyn Monroe, one of her favourite movie stars. Sarah often featured in her own paintings – dressed in bright clothes. The background cloth is part of her pillow case. Sarah has rose petals as she loved roses, and pearls as she had quite a large collection of jewellery. Sarah’s name tag from High School is included. I have sewn this patch by hand as Sarah would have done. When making the patch I felt very close to her - as if we shared the time together.