Patches of love 2

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Patches of love 2
Michael George MurrayDaniel KirwanKevin Edward VarleyBrenda PowersPaula Jayne WadeBernadette HallJill NorthSimon HawksworthAnita Ellen MackenzieJosie PhillipsMartin James BurtonDavid CowgillDonor Family NetworkAntony Peter Sydney SmithAlex WooldridgeNorman George StephensAndrew John MiddletonNiall ClohessyRussell William HolmesWilliam John George MordecaiJune Alexandra MasonPeter William GreyKaren GriffithsLes Wescott

Michael George Murray


14.08.46 – 09.04.2005 58yrs

Michael and I had brought up our three sons, and had our love of dogs in common. His three poodles miss him, our

Lives are very sad without him, and I know the whole family feel his loss.

But having donated his eyes I am sure he is still seeing his dogs through someone else’s body.

Daniel Kirwan


23.02.82 – 04.03.98 16yrs

My son Daniel was16 years old when he died and donated. The three children holding hands beneath a rainbow represent the two he gave the gift life to and one the gift of sight.

Daniel was a keen footballer and wrote his own monthly magazine of football stories. He was also a musician. He loved to write and was a popular boy at school. I will always love and miss you, Mom XXXX

Kevin Edward Varley


29.06.64 – 05.10.06

Our only son Kevin was the light of our lives. He was born disabled and had many problems during his life. Kevin was a lively, loving and giving person and we miss him so much. Our hearts are breaking now that he doesn’t share our lives. Kevin had a massive Brain Haemorrhage on 4th October and died on 5th October 2006.  He donated multiple organs and has given so many people a chance of life. We are so proud of him and find comfort knowing that Kevin lives on in others. The patch depicts all the loves in Kevin’s life from his many great holidays, good food and plenty of sunshine, the pleasure of being in the company of people and following his fantastic football team, Leeds United. Finally the Forget-Me-Not flowers to show Kevin will never be forgotten by his parents, sister, family and friends.

Brenda Powers


10.10.46 – 02.10.05

To lose a child suddenly is very hard to cope with, but after the first shock, and your acceptance of what has Happened, you begin to look back. You remember how she was, always a vivid happy child, into all kinds of sport, anything active she was there. A friendly happy teenager, wife, mother and grandmother. Always happy to help, but

slow to judge. We are so proud to know that she was able to give the Gift of Life to others. She will always be so well remembered by her children, John & Sue, sisters Anne & Jane and her grandchildren.

We hold her in our hearts and minds. MUM

Paula Jayne Wade


24.10.66 – 26.09.04

Paula died of a brain haemorrhage at the age of 37 years. She was our daughter and she had a brother Peter.

Duncan was her partner and they had 2 children, Ryan and Rebecca. She also had many friends, Mel being one of her best friends.

Paula loved collecting Cherished Teddies. She also had a Westie called ‘Lucy’ who she loved. She loved her


Our patch for Paula shows Teddies, a Westie and flowers. We donated her organs and gave 5  people a chance of a better life.

Bernadette Hall


10.04.69– 23.08.05

The “base” of this patch of love is from our daughter’s denim jacket. The two pink  tassels are from her favourite poncho. The patch tells of “BB” (Bernadette) who died a couple of days after her 4th wedding anniversary. She had married a farmer (hence the sheep) and had given birth 17 months before her death to a delightful baby son, Jude.

BB was an avid reader and an avid drinker of Diet Coke and coffee. She was a beautiful 36 year old woman, rarely seen without jewellery, lipstick and “clacky” shoes.

Her working life was spent with people who had special needs.

Jill North


22.09.80 – 07.11.98

This square is a tribute to Jill’s life, she selflessly gave the Gift of Life to others.

This patchwork quilt was made with love for my sister Jill in heaven above. 18 years old, so much to give, but her

time had come. She was not to live. We chose these pictures to stitch with care, to show a love so precious and

rare. Spot the dog, a memory of her happy childhood.Christmas time she loved the most, a well spoilt child she liked to boast.

She loved to watch the snowman on  TV, laughing and joking just her and me. A butterfly she is now as free, this is

how we remember her, bright and  bubbly.

Love and miss ya loads babe

Simon Hawksworth


31.05.75 – 09.04.93

Simon, the only son of Chris and Tony, brother to Kate, died aged 17 years after an accident at work. He lived life to the full and always had a smile and cheery nature. His main interests were football and cars. He played football for a local brewery team and supported Liverpool FC. He was working  hard and saving up his money to buy his dream car, having passed his driving test only a few months before his accident, and took any available chance to drive his dad’s car. Simon gave the gift of life to five people; we only wished that they could have met him.

Chris, Tony and Kate Hawksworth.

Anita Ellen Mackenzie


07.08.71 – 28.12.2000

Of all the photographs we have of our daughter Anita why have we chosen this one? Because this photo was one she did not get to see as the film was found after she passed away. At the time it was taken she is backpacking around the world, stopping off in Australia to see her brother and niece, spending a couple of weeks together. Little did they know it would be their last.

It has helped us knowing that we could share some part of Anita’s life with you all.

Josie Phillips


Josie was my darling daughter, I am so proud of her. She was always helping me; also she was my best friend. I loved her so much. She was my little star, always thinking of other people before herself.

She loved music and loved to look nice, she had lovely long dark brown hair, and loved make up.

She also loved old people and loved cats

Martin James Burton


21.04.87 – 28.08.2003 16yrs

Our son Martin was16 years old when he died following a brain haemorrhage. We have designed this patch of love in his memory.

His square represents his loves in life: he was an avid West Ham United fan, loved visiting McDonalds and was lways watching Big Brother. All through his life Martin  loved Teddy Bears. Martin became a multiple organ donor and we remember him with pride for the Gift of Life he gave.

He is forever in our thoughts and will be forever in our hearts.

David Cowgill


1940 - 2008

This square is dedicated to the memory of a loving husband, irreplaceable dad and a fantastic grandad.

It was made by his sister-in-law from shirts and shorts used on our world wide travels by David.

The attachments represent his family – daughter and grandchildren and his 2 sons.

David loved bowling and a drink – so depicted on  the square. His daughter Jayne also a keen bowler. George a scout, Ruby a dancer and the tail of Alfie’s teddy. Sam – the digger machine and the label for Jake which he found on

anything he wore.

Greatly missed by all family and ‘many’ friends.

Donor Family Network

Antony Peter Sydney Smith


21.06.1996 -27.04.2008

Antony died suddenly of an asthma attack; having not had asthma it was a shock to everyone.

He was a typical young boy enjoying his first year at Beverley Grammar School and loving all sport.

He especially enjoyed football and would have been over the moon when Hull City made it into the premier league.

He is loved and remembered with all our hearts, (his mum and dad’s little rugrat). They were very

brave to donate organs and three people may now have a better quality of life.

See you later alligator xx

Alex Wooldridge


31.03.68 – 21.12.08

Our dearest son, brother, nephew and cousin. His square framed in blue from work & leisure shirts, depicts him sitting in the Irish Bar in St Tropez. His beautiful blue eyes, clear & bright, which we will always remember, captured in a happy moment.

Difficult to come to terms with, difficult to do; but in this square he will live on alongside  others who have helped another to live.

He lived his short life in his own way, leaving us bewildered that he has gone.

He is loved and missed so much, always resting in a corner of our hearts.

Norman George Stephens


14.04.46 – 04.11.11

It was an ordinary day just like any other but ended up the worst day of my life. My lovely husband Norman collapsed in my arms from a cerebral  haemorrhage. He was a kind and caring man in life, a friend to everyone he met and a generous  one in death.

I have used pink roses in my quilt patch  as they were the flowers in my wedding  bouquet. The words forever in my heart is where he will always be. Lots of tears were shed in the making but as he lives on in others so will his memory.


Andrew John Middleton


08.06.1982 – 21.12.2005

In memory of Andrew John Middleton

I chose this material because; this was Andrew’s favourite bandana. The thread colours red, gold and green, association to reggae music.

He was an avid Manchester United supporter, he also gave his support to the Jamaican reggae boys’ football

team, even though they weren’t a great success. His prize possessions were a pair of reggae boy’s colours

trainers, from the internet because they weren’t sold in the shops, to go with his Jamaican football shirt.

Working on this patch gave me a little peace in my heart. Recalling how much I love my three sons and how proud I am of each of them. The cherished memories of their maturing years and the noisy laughter we all had together, many of which were because of Andrew’s bad jokes, bad but you always Laughed. His laughter was so infectious. His friends speak of him fondly too always mentioning this.

Andrew was very special to us all and all who knew him. We love and miss him very much. Joy Middleton (mum)

Niall Clohessy


02.10.1985 – 13.05.2009

A Father, son, brother, friend

Niall meaning “strong” was born the first of three children. He lived a life always BIG, Loving, Generous, Full of Fun.

His hobbies were rugby, silver medal seal swimming club, cars, haircuts, tattoos, chilling with family & friends and having a good time.

Niall died suddenly in Wales from a Brain Haemorrhage while enjoying life and working as a Health & Safety officer at Pembroke Port. Niall’s patch – knit by Granny Nora shows the colour & crest of his childhood team: Garryowen rugby Club, Limerick, Ireland. Our very special and wonderful Niall, we cherish every minute of every day, we love and miss you always, your loving family and friends. Xxx

Russell William Holmes


13 May 1982 – 04 Oct 2008

26 Years

Russell, first born to Trevor and Pauline Holmes, Brother to Claire and Dad to his beautiful Daughter Charlotte.

A subarachnoid Haemorrhage robbed Russell of his life. He loved cars especially Fords, owning many models and really enjoyed motor sport. He was so versatile and owned his own tyre garage, also won Student of the Year for Landscape Gardening. Became a HGV driver and finally working for Ford Motor Company.

Our Hero, who gave The Gift of Life to 4 people. We are all so proud that this Patch will be displayed in Memory of you. Bless you Russell Holmes

William John George Mordecai


1988 – 2006

William was a lonely and sensual lad. He became very depressed and as his father, I was the only one that could reach him. Alongside my daughter Christina I gave them both a sense of belonging.

When William left us he left a massive void in not only my life but Christina's as well. There is never a day where myself and Christina do not think of William. William is our brightest star and his love for West Ham burns brighter today as it's always been and I will always make sure that William will never ever be forgotten.

The square to us means that William lives on, not only through others but is fondly remembered and loved for the lives he saved. To both Christina and I William will always be a hero and a star that will never ever fade.

"Love from Christina and Dad"

June Alexandra Mason


01.06.1955 -01.01.2008

June died suddenly at the age of 52 years. She was a devoted wife to Bob and mum to Louise and James. She was a nana to three beautiful granddaughters, Bethany, Abigail and Breanna and a step-nana to Brandon. June was a much loved daughter, sister, sister-in-law and auntie. Our loss has been hard to come to terms with, but at the same time it has been a comfort to know that June has helped several people through organ donation.

To send this ‘Patch of Love’ in memory of June means a great deal to me. She was my sister

Peter William Grey


1953 – 2008

Designing the patch was easy (background part of a clerical shirt) as certain areas of Peter’s life  were very important to him – the words much harder as that was his forte.

Rainbow and Cross/Fish symbolises Peter’s Christian faith and URC ministry – no matter what happens to you, God will never desert you. Entwined rings – marriage to Allison in ‘79 ‘one of the best things he did’. As he wore clerical shirts daughter Catherine always bought him jazzy socks. Proud when son Andrew gained his degree and tickled pink to be a grandpa to John.

Peter loved and was loved by his wider family. He enjoyed making music – cello at school latterly guitar and church choir.

Karen Griffiths


1966 – 2007

We decided to make a patch for the quilt of love as it is a lasting memorial to our sister Karen that we can share with other people, Karen had a contagious laugh and when we see the patch it will remind us of better days and happy memories whilst also understanding that on her passing she gave the gift of life to several people.

We will always be honoured and proud to know what she did for others.

Les Wescott


21.05.1942 -06.12.2006

I’m sitting sewing this piece of quilt for my Les and still cannot believe he’s gone. My husband was a lovely funny man who would do anything for anyone & there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and all the things we used to do together.

Even now I cry every day & while I’m typing this letter. Everyone thinks I am OK because I say I am. The only thing keeping me going is that I know that somewhere, someone is alive thanks to Les.

Les was a keen gardener and I think of him growing his flowers which he loved to do. I  take Forget-me-nots to his memorial bench and I am pleased this is on the symbol of the Donor Family Network. I knew it was right to donate his organs as he had said this was what he wanted, not everyone knows what their loved one wants. Since his death I have campaigned for people to sign up to the donor register in my local newspaper with a good response.