Newcastle Hugga hand over

Spring 2022 Newsletter
16th April 2022
Summer 2022 Newsletter
15th July 2022

Newcastle Hugga hand over

DFN Donor mum Trish Robinson lost her son Craig Potts, to a brain haemorrhage. The company Craig worked for, Leo Vegas, donated £2500 to Trish in Craig's memory. After talking to the DFN, Trish decide she would like this money to go to the DFN 'Hugga' campaign in her local area. The DFN are presenting to NHS Blood and Transplant teams around the country huggas to be given to donor families in ICU whilst waiting for their loved ones to go to theatre for retrieval operations. On the 5th July DFN Chairman Nigel Burton, Vice-Chairman Jim Fallow and his wife Linda met with Trish Robinson in Necastle at the offices for the North-East SN-OD team to present them with their first delivery of huggas.

Photos of the ‘Hugga’ handover to the NHS Blood & Transplant North-East team.


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